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6 risks associated with outdoor skiing

There’s a little bit of debate as to which is better between indoor skiing and outdoor skiing. Whereas indoor skiing takes place within a controlled environment, the same can’t be said about outdoor skiing.

This article seeks to look at some of the risks associated with outdoor skiing and this is meant to help you do a comparison with indoor skiing to determine which would best suite you as a skier.

Presence of risk factors

Outdoor skiing exposes you as a skier to many risks, for instance avalanches and snow immersions which have been known to be life threatening scenarios that negatively affect a skier’s experience.

Changing weather conditions

When skiing outdoors you are exposed to changing weather conditions that affect the conditions of the snow on the ground which may result in changes such as hard packs, powder, packed powder, ice, corn, wind packs, slush and many more. Such changes in the condition of the snow on the ground may ultimately affect your skiing experience.

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Too many natural obstacles

One of the challenges of skiing outdoors is that you may never know what will pop up along the ski slope. You may encounter subsurface or surface conditions not limited torocks, bare spot forest growth, stumps, cliffs, stream beds, and many other natural objects which will affect your skiing experience.

Unfavorable terrain for beginners

Outdoor skiing especially for beginners may not be a good experience because the terrain may not be favorable for learning. Many of these terrains have variations in terrain in terms of steepness, slope design, grooming operations, snowmaking and many other modifications to the terrain. The presence of all these things along the skiing slope will affect your skiing experience in one way or the other.

Too many hazards

Outdoor skis are awash with equipment such as lift towers, tow vehicles, snowmobiles, as well as other structures such as sign posts, hydrants, fences, and so on. The presence of such things on the ski slope may affect your skiing experience in one way or the other.


When in an outdoor skiing slope there will always be the possibility of colliding with other skiers because the ski resort may be too crowded depending on its popularity. Such level of crowding tends to have a negative impact on your skiing experience.

Many of these limitations will not be experienced when indoor skiing because they are mostly controlled environments thereby skiers are protected from such challenges. All in all, the preference is down to the skier as to some, these challenges present fun obstacles which enhance the skier’s experience.

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