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How to choose the right ski blades

When making the decision to ski, it’s important to learn how to choose the right ski blades as this will determine whether your skiing experience will be awesome or problematic. It’s a known fact that skis don’t work the same for all skiers as each one has to get skis that are suited specifically for them based on their height, weight, and other preferences.

Here are 5 factors to consider when choosing your blades.

Your skiing background

The type of ski blades you choose will be heavily be influenced by your skiing background. Generally, people who have had some form of experience with roller blades will often prefer skiing with smaller ski blades. Whereas people with no skating background will often be more comfortable using larger ski blades.

Your height and weight

These particular factors are still the subject of debate as skiers are not in agreement whether a person’s height or weight will have any influence on the ski size they use. Many professional skiers however are of the opinion that if you choose a specific set of blades that are suited for your specific height and weight, you are likely to have a better skiing experience. Another school of thought however believes blades have no impact on a skier’s height or weight. To emphasize this point, is the fact that there are tall skiers who prefer short blades as well as short skiers who prefer long blades. It’s generally advisable for you to experiment with different blades so that you can identify your perfect fit.

skii - How to choose the right ski blades

The type of snow you intend to ski on

The type of snow you are going to ski on will definitely have a direct impact on the blades you choose as it determines whether you will ski smoothly, experience imbalance or even get stuck. Generally, shorter blades are best suited for fresh corduroy snow and longer blades suited for carved crud snow.

The type of binding

Generally, there are two types of binding in ski blades, the release binding and the non-release binding. The former usually releases in case a skier falls and is best suited for beginners as it helps protect them from injuries during awkward falls. The later however does not release and is therefore suited for more experienced skiers who prefer to have more sturdiness.

Your own individual skiing style

The type of skiing you enjoy doing will also influence the type of blades you opt for. For instance, large blades will support more extreme skiing and tough mountain terrain as well as skiing tricks. Because of their length, they support more speed and provide a larger surface area for much smoother landings. On the other hand, smaller ski blades will best suite you if you prefer skiing on moderate slopes and slower speeds because their size limits speed and enhances maneuverability.

It’s ultimately advisable for you to test the blades out before determining which one will suit you best. Consider hiring out skiing gear while you are still a beginner to avoid spending money on blades that may ultimately not be the correct type for you.

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