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Let’s just start by saying that Skiplex is the one place in the whole of the United Kingdom where you go to for the best skiing experience. We are as close to real as it can get.

At Skiplex it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a pro or a beginner because our indoor skiing slopes will accommodate everyone. Our set up has been structured in a way that our slopes progress in terms of steepness, obstacles and difficulty and this ensures that every skier is accommodated depending on their level of proficiency. We can guarantee you that as a beginner you will not be intimidated by pros and as a pro, you will not be slowed down by beginners. We ensure minimal interaction between skiers with different levels of experience.

We also offer skiing lessons for beginners, refresher lessons for those who have been away from the slopes for a while and a training platform for pro skiers. Consider us a full service house. Here, age is just a number because we believe it’s never too late to start skiing.

Through our website, we will keep you updated on the latest trends, news and information on skiing. As we said, we are a full service house and this includes keeping you well informed. Be sure to visit our website for all the tips about skiing and how to improve your skill and ensure you get the most awesome experience while on the slopes.


Archie Cole – Founder Skiplex