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11 modern day ski slang you should be aware of

Skiing is one of the best past time activities in the world and can be very rewarding especially if it’s done professionally. Just like any other sport, skiing has its own set of slang that you must purpose to learn if you intend on interacting with and fitting in with more seasoned skiers.

We’ll look at 11 of the modern day ski slang that you should be aware of.


Après-ski is the term used to indicate that the day is over and it’s now time for drinks or any other activity to unwind such as hitting the club and listening to good music.


When you hear skiers talking about going to ski in the backcountry, keep in mind that this is a place only for the pros and not for beginners. This is the kind of terrain that is away from the huge crowds of people and is only suited for the expert skier. In many cases, skiing here is usually at the skier’s own risk.


In skiing, the term bail is used to mean that a skier has taken a tumble and fallen to the ground.


When you hear the term base being used in skiing, it may mean three things. The first is the underneath of a ski, the second is to mean the main area at the bottom of a ski resort, andthe third is the overall depth of snow.


This is a term used to describe a skier who is flying down a slope in an out of control fashion.

Brain bucket

This is a term used to refer to a helmet.


The term chatter is used to refer to the vibration of the ski whena skier is traveling at a high speed. Usually, excessive chatter will reduce the contact between the ski and the snow thereby affecting the skier’s ability to remain in total control.

First tracks

The term first track refers to when a skier cuts through fresh snow before anyone else does, and this leaves behind a trail for the other skiers to see. If you do this as a skier, you better take a picture just for bragging rights.


In skiing, freestyle mainly refers to the type of skiing that is focused on doing tricks.

French fries

The term French fries doesn’t actually refer to food. When it comes to skiing, it refers to skiing while your skis are parallel to one another.


Gnar which is a short form for the word gnarly, basically means that the skiing experience is pretty high on its scale of dangerousness as well as coolness. You better not attempt it if you’re a beginner.

These are just a few slang words that you will come across but there are many more. Be sure to familiarize yourself and memorize all of them so that you are not left confused while on the slope.

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