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These are the 5 most common skiing injuries

Skiing is a fun recreational and sports activity however it comes with a number of risks to the skier for one reason or the other. It may be because of failure to follow the proper rules or just a freak accident.

We take a look at 5 of the most common skiing injuries.

#1 Knee injuries

One common mistake many skiers make is failing to protect their knees. In many cases, their feet and ankles will be protected by their boots but they will not have protective gear for their knees. This therefore means that their knees are exposed to lots of pressure as they ski on the snow surface thereby increasing chances of knee injuries. The most common of these knee injuries will be an injury to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the medial collateral ligament (MCL).

injury - These are the 5 most common skiing injuries

#2 Hand injuries

Arm injuries are actually the most common skiing injuries account for about 75 per cent of all skiing related injury cases. The common reasons for these injuries, being skiers attempting to break their fall using their hands and, attempting to hold on to their ski poles while they are falling down. They will then sustain injuries in any part of the hand including wrists and fingers.

injury1 - These are the 5 most common skiing injuries

#3 Leg injuries

Leg injuries mainly involve sprains on the ankle which mainly occur when a skier does not ensure that their ankles are properly centered especially when a sudden abrupt movement is made. This results in the ankle getting twisted thereby resulting in an injury. Other leg injuries include leg fractures or leg breaks through these have significantly declined as a result of good safety gear.

#4 Head injuries

Whereas the number of fatal injuries related to skiing are low thanks to the safety measures that have been put in place, the fatalities that have occurred were mainly as a result of head trauma. This mainly occurs when skiers fall and bump their heads while they were skiing at a high speed. The numbers of such incidents are however low because more and more skiers have been embracing helmets.

#5 Shoulder injuries

During falls many skiers will suffer shoulder injuries such as shoulder dislocations. These injuries become more common to those who have suffered from them before because supporting tissues in the shoulder keep weakening every time a person suffers from such an injury.

There are of course other types of injuries but these 5 are the most common. It has however been proven that skiers who put in place all the necessary safety precautions have a much lower chance of suffering from them. Skiers are encouraged to seek medical treatment anytime they suffer from any form of injury and avoid self-medicating.

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