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4 types of skiing you can choose from

Skiing is not only a sport but also a fun activity that has grown in popularity over the years. The fact that it’s no longer just an outdoor activity and can be done indoors by both adults and kids has increased its popularity globally. Whether you’re doing indoor skiing or doing it outdoors, there are different types of skiing you can choose from. All will require different skiing gear and skiing techniques.

Here are 4 types you can choose from.

waterski - 4 types of skiing you can choose from

#1 Waterskiing

Waterskiing has been a sport growing in popularity since its invention in 1922. Here, the skier is pulled behind a boat using a towline or a cable as they skim through the surface of the water at speeds of about 20 miles per hour. The sport requires excellent body control, muscular endurance, as well as lower and upper body strength. You also need to be a pretty good swimmer.

#2 Freestyle skiing

Freestyle skiing involves plenty of stunts and tricks therefore, this is the thing for you if you’re inclination is on such things. Many people see it as unsafe therefore you must be fully aware what you are getting yourself into if you opt for this type of skiing. Initially, this was not considered as a sport but, today there are several athletes globally who are doing it professionally and competitively. The skier’s ability to perform the best tricks determines how they rank globally.

alpine - 4 types of skiing you can choose from

#3 Alpine Skiing

Just as the name suggests, the skier does the skiing on an alpine as they glide down downhill along a snow-covered hill or mountain. Here the skiers mostly use long skis. This type of skiing initially started as just a recreational activity but today it’s a sport activity that is done professionally including during the winter Olympics. This skiing is similar to cross-country skiing however with a few minor differences such as the type of terrain where each is done as well as the skiing gear used.

#4 Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing sometimes referred to as the Nordic skiing draws its origin in Norway where it simply started as a mode of transport. It was later transformed into a recreational activity and later into a sport which has become popular globally. As mentioned above, this type of skiing is done on a flat terrain.

Before deciding on what type of skiing will best suite you, it’s advisable to try them all. The beauty about indoor skiing is that it will enable you to try out all these types of skiing therefore by the time you decide to go do it outdoors you will definitely know where your passion lies.

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