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- Does your school run a ski trip to the alps?

- Do you have any pupils who are keen skiers or snowboarders?

- Does your school have a ski team or would you be interested in creating a ski team?

- Are you interested in new and exciting physical activities for your pupils to enjoy both in and out of school?

The nature of our revolving slopes enable skiers and boarders to perfect their technique or simply enjoy their skiing without the hassle of lifts, queues or crowds. For the daredevils amongst us the slopes can be sped up and elevated. For beginners or those looking for a more gentle session our instructors can make sure it is suited to individual paces and requirements.

With an instructor close to hand all the time, and a large mirror at the bottom of the slope, we believe that most people can learn some eight times faster on our slopes than in any other snowsports environment. There is good evidence that they represent significantly the best learning environment for skiing and snowboarding, from beginner to the most advanced skiers. Even the Swiss ski team use this type of slope as a training tool!

Why is Skiplex is so good for ski trip preparation and race training? 

Controlled and Personalised

- Our controlled conditions and personalised instruction enhances concentration, understanding and effort.

Accellerated learning and development

- The revolving nature of our slopes means that students are not wasting time sitting on ski lifts or waiting in queues! We maximise their time on the slopes and the ability to carry out repetitive turns means that muscle memory is significantly improved, and developed at a much faster rate.

- The giant mirror at the base of the slope allows for immediate and real time feedback - something which no other slope offers. For advanced skiers who know the technical cues of skiing, it allows for constant self analysis. The mirror proves to be invaluable for understanding what the instructor is advising the skier to do and being able to see how it effects body position, weight distribution and ultimately technique.

- The controlled conditions at Skiplex slopes means that all skiers are able to focus on their technique without having to worry about poor snow conditions, uneven pistes or unpredictable weather changes - its always sunny at Skiplex!

- Unlike on the mountain or on other slopes, our instructors are never more than a few metres away from the skier meaning that feedback can be constant and immediate rather than having to wait until they are at the bottom, and then risking them forgetting whilst they sit on the lift on the way back up! 

Stay safe and storm the slopes from day 1

- Get the students ready to storm the slopes from day 1. We know how important holiday time is. Being able to challenge themselves from day 1 rather than having to find their ski legs means students can really maximise their time in resort.

- Research has shown that the majority of accidents occur in the first day of a ski holiday due to lack of fitness. By preparing before you go, you can help minimise the risk of injury. 

Weekend or end of term activities

The slopes are also a great location for trips out, whether as a treat at the end of year, as part of the national curriculum or for weekend activities. Our Reading and Basingstoke centres can take up to 15 children over a 1 hour period and our Chiswick centre can take up to 8. Skiplex provide all equipment free of charge and children will not require any ski specific clothing, minimising the complications of going to other ski centres. 

We are also in partnership with Sport England and the recently launched Go Ski Go Board Scheme which helps to offer funding for schools and colleges for extra curricular skiing courses. For more information or to book a time, just give one of the team in head office a call on .