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It is not currently possible to book online.
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The Benefits of Skiplex

Because of our low instructor:client ratio Skiplex is the equivalent to a personal ski coach. It's an extremely quick way to learn and a nice warm, enclosed & controlled environment for children and nervous adults to gain confidence.

We can take you higher and faster or lower & slower, depending on what you prefer. A key benefit is to get you ski fit for your trip by repeat visits with close instruction, a great way to get your muscle memory back. Or why not use us as part of your fitness regime.


Our fully qualified instructors control slope speed and gradient by remote control and can be alongside you when you're skiing, adjusting as required. The slope can go from 2-20 degrees and from 0-30kph, simulating green to black runs & racing speed. By using the mirror whilst you ski you can adjust positioning and perfect technique. Skiplex is as safe or as challenging as you want it be!

2No Lifts No Queues

Unlike other facilities and at resort, you don't need to queue or wait for lifts at Skiplex. Just constant slope time. Because you're not waiting around you actually get to ski or ride 6 times more in your Skiplex session than at other indoor facilities. This also makes for a challenging workout as you will be intensively skiing for at least 30mins.

3Personal Instruction

On average we provide 1:2 instructor:client ratio and the only facility where you can analyse your posture in real-time. The maximum number of customers per slope at any one time is three, on average it is two. So, unlike ski school or group training, you get closer personal instruction throughout your session with us. The mirror gives you real-time feedback on your technique as well as feedback from your instructor.

4Intensive Ski Training

We are the only indoor facility that gives you the opportunity to ski intensively for 30mins, which is not only a excellent work out but builds stamina for your ski trip too. Ed Drake visited our Chiswick facility and recognised it as a fantastic workout "I've skied longer today at Skiplex than I have in 24hrs in Aspen" We run Alpine race training with BARSC every Sunday during term time for under 12yrs

5Muscle Memory

Skiplex is great for reinforcing the muscle familiarity (muscle memory) used in skiing or snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding are both hard sports to master and include many different skills that need to be to be perfected. For a skill to become autonomous it requires thousands of repetitions, out in the mountains or at any other artificial slope facility this can take a very long time, whereas at Skiplex you have the ability to ski continuously for up to 30 mins allowing you to master these skills 8 x faster.

6Demands Perfection

The nature of our surface material means it is not as forgiving as snow conditions or other indoor slopes and therefore demands more accurate technique. Perfect your technique with us and get so much more out of your skiing and boarding as soon as you arrive for your holiday.