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Basingstoke Instructor Academy - Week 5

Week 5. Day 1.

Personal Performance practicing long turns, slow turns down with longer arc and varying radius lengths. We lowered the incline on the slope to train in different conditions improving our all round skiing. We used this example and spoke about different teaching styles.

Home Work - Plan a lesson in Teaching Style and Central Theme, we were allowed to choose the exercise in which we were going to be teaching.

Day. 2.

Free practice just to loosen and warm up, and then give our planned lesson on Teaching Practice and Central Theme. My chosen lesson was reciprocal teaching on the Theme Plough Parallel, goal to improve speed and line control.

Home Work - Plan a lesson in teaching style and central theme element given by instructor.

Day. 3.

Free skiing to warm up. Then we each gave the lesson in Teaching and from the Central Theme Element given to us by the Instructor on day 2.

My lesson was Self Check on Plough Turning, with the check being on Body Management as you have only one thing to concentrate on in this teaching style, it is to wean the student off feedback from the Instructor all the time, even though the Instructor is still taking control of the whole process and can and will give advice if needed.

Home Work - Read up on The Learning Environment.