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Basingstoke Instructor Academy - Week 6

Week 6 - Day 1

Personal Performance - Long Piste turns and work on body position.

Discuss Climate setting nothing to do with weather and how it is used in-group training. Climate setting is constantly changing and depends on the group; it might be what their motivations are with regards to learning to ski. My job as an instructor is to make sure that those motivation levels are maintained throughout the duration of the lesson.

Home Work - Plan lesson with climate setting in central theme element set by Instructor.

Day 2. Teaching practice using the lesson we where given by Instructor at end of last lesson, I taught plough turning.

Home Work - Plan lesson which includes various teaching styles and at least one climate setting, also clear use of TIED model.

I decided to teach sliding to plough, which was in command, practice and inclusion.

Day 3.  - We concentrated on our own skiing in this session. The Instructor got us to work on different aspect of our own skiing, with the intention of improving some aspect we are not carrying out correctly.

Home Work - Set up a lesson for a mock test on Monday of next week.