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Founder Membership Scheme

Founder Membership scheme - proposal and rules

Become a Founder Member of Skiplex and enjoy:

  • Free skiing during the Summer Seasons of both 2015 and 2016, if you renew your membership

  • Member discounts of 15% on all Winter Season sessions

  • Skiplex Member benefits with partner companies

This proposal applies only to the Reading & Basingstoke Skiplex centres.
All Skiplex memberships are for a period of 12 months, starting on the 1st of a month of your choice. The membership offerings are for:

  • Adults and Children
  • Groups: Families, Friends or work colleagues (corporates)

An Adult or Child is defined by the age of the person at the beginning of the membership year. Adults are person of 16 years or over. A Child is a person of 15 years and under. Students in full time education will be entitled to the Child priced package. Evidence of age and student entitlement will be required.

Group memberships are available for any group of 4 or more people, whether Adults or Children.

The Summer Season is defined as the period from 1st May to 30th September (5 months) in each year. The Winter Season is from 1st October to 30th April (7 months).

The following prices are applicable to the Founder Members' scheme:

Annual membership fees

                                              Individual fees                  Group membership -fees per person

                        Adult                                     £349.00                                                £299.00

                        Child                                     £299.00                                                £259.00

 Payment for the membership fee must be paid at the time of signing up.

Alternatively, payment may be made by way of 3 equal monthly instalments. During the period of the instalment payments, you will be classed as a Monthly member. As a Monthly Member, you will be entitled to enjoy all member benefits except those with partner companies. Once the full year's membership fee has been paid, you will be classed as a Full Member. In the event of a payment not being made, your membership will lapse with immediate effect, all member benefits will be lost and any payments already made will be forfeited.

All memberships are subject to signing a formal membership agreement, together with a Direct Debit instruction.

Member benefits:

  • Free Summer pass - provides for "unlimited" skiing during the Summer Season. During this period, our centres are open for restricted hours - see below - which will be extended subject to demand.

  • Member discounts during the Winter Season: 15% off all published prices.

  • 3 free guest passes per member for use by any person who is not a Skiplex member.

  • Membership can be used at the Skiplex centre in either Reading or Basingstoke.

  • Member discounts with Skiplex partner companies.

During the Summer Season, Skiplex operates its centres on a restricted opening hours' basis, subject to customer demand. Our intended hours of opening for the 2015 Summer Season are as below. These may vary as between Reading and Basingstoke.

Monday & Wednesday: 9:30am - 3:30pm 

Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 3:00pm - 8:00pm 

Saturday & Sunday: 9:00am - 8:00pm

During the Summer Season, Skiplex reserves the right to close its centres for a maximum of 10 days for the purpose of maintenance and/or refurbishment.

As stated above, the Summer pass provides for "unlimited" skiing. By this we mean you will be able to ski as many days as you wish. However, we have found it necessary to put the following rules in place:

  • You can only book 2 sessions in advance.

  • You can only book one Session per day unless there are good reasons why you should be  able to use more than this.

Skiplex reserves the right to make a charge of not more than £10 for any member who  cancels within 24 hours of the booked session or does not show up to a booked session.

Skiplex reserves the right in future years to charge Members a fee for the use of its slopes during the Summer Season. However, for customers who sign up as Founder Members prior to 30th June 2015, Skiplex undertakes that no such slope fee will be charged for the Summer Seasons of 2015 and 2016, subject to the membership being renewed to cover the relevant period.

Issue of vouchers:

During the Summer Season, members will be issued with 20 vouchers valid until the 30th September of that year. Once these have been used, a further batch of 10 vouchers will be issued as required. Members will be able to redeem these vouchers in order to make bookings on the slopes.

All Winter Season vouchers purchased will remain valid until the end of the membership year. If the membership is not renewed, any unused vouchers will become invalid. If the membership is renewed, then the unused vouchers will be renewed for the next membership year.

All vouchers will be subject to our opening hours and subject to availability. Members will not have any priority booking rights over non-members. All Member vouchers are non-transferrable, i.e. they are only usable by the member.

Additional Terms & Conditions applicable to Skiplex memberships:

  • All applicable Terms & Conditions apply. See:

  • All memberships are for a one year period; are not transferrable; and are not cancellable / refundable except in the event of serious long term injury or illness, in which case adoctor's certificate stating that physical exercise is not recommended will be required.

  • During the Summer Season, Skiplex reserves the right to re-schedule booked Sessions if the minimum utilisation has not been reached. Skiplex will, however, always give at least 24 hours' noticeshould this be the case.

  • Each member must supply Skiplex with 2 passport sized photographs of him/herself. No member will be allowed to use the Company's facilities without a valid membership card.The card is for the personal use of the member. 

Please call us for more information and to buy a membership on